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Month of Care for Creation and Science Month

As the Month of Care for Creation and Science Month comes to a close, Divinians are welcoming October as the Christian Living Month and the Guidance and Mental Health Awareness Month. Both celebrations are anchored on one driving force: to lead the academic community to pray together to God through the Blessed Virgin as we journey to a life lived to the fullest.

The theme for the Christian Living Month is extracted from the first line of Mary's "Magnificat" (Luke 1:46-55) after the Blessed Virgin kept to her heart the news of her conception of the Son of the Most High. Mary received the Good News and her soul exclaimed the goodness of the Father for humankind. We, Divinians, are called to be like our patroness, exultant at the revelation of God's love for all of us through His Son. This exaltation demands to be heard and shared, and through the activities this October, His goodness shall be heard and shared with every member of the school community, in every corner of humanity. It is hoped that for this month, we may understand in a deeper way the life and spirituality of Mary, whose instrumentality in the economy of salvation shall be known to all. Regularly praying the Holy Rosary is one of the ways to discover who Mary is and to honor her as our great intercessor.

Tantamount to celebrating Mary as our model for faith is the increasing demand for educational institutions like Divina Pastora College to give attention to the impact of guidance services and mental health awareness programs on the holistic development of young people. As the celebration's theme suggests, Divinians are given opportunities to celebrate their lives, their diverse backgrounds, and their own journeys and aspirations, for it is in celebration of uniqueness and differences and that the quest for wellness and wholeness commences. Different activities will be held to contribute to the school's thrust of helping, guiding and assisting the learners with their own quests for happy and healthy well-being.

May the intercessions of Mary ignite the flame of faith in us. May every Divinian transcend the odds of daily life as they become ever-healthy, holistic and happy.

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