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MOBILE LEGENDS BANG BANG Tournament (Guidance Month 2023).

OCTOBER 17-18, 2O23—The Guidance and Counselling Office launched the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Tournament as part of the celebration of the Guidance and Mental Health Awareness Month. Studies show that the moderate playing of online games such as Mobile Legends helps in maintaining strong mental health among students, as they seek focus, attention, strategizing, synergy and sportsmanship in order to win the game. This also boosts the competitive and collaborative spirit among students. When patronized moderately, online games can help a teenager thrive in his/her daily endeavors. Congratulations to the "Bartho Boys" team from 9-St. Bartholomew (JHS Category) and the C-Esports team from 12-STEM C (SHS Category) for the topnotch victory!

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