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To our dear Divinian learners, ENROLL NOW in our Learning Enhancement Camp (LEC)! This Camp aims to make Divinian learning continuous and driven towards holistic improvement. More importantly, this Camp prepares all types of learners for the coming School Year 2022-2023. It has 3 faces:

The OPEN HOUSE PROGRAM is designed to give new students a glimpse of Divinian education, culture and spirituality. This program will assess the students' capacities for socialization and internalization of Divinian attributes.

The REMEDIATION PROGRAM, from the title itself, aims to address the learning gaps and learning losses that took place in the previous School Year, particularly in the areas of Language and Mathematics. The focus is the reteaching of Least Mastered Competencies or Skills to students who are identified and recommended by subject teachers for this program. Before a Divinian has enrolled for the next level, we want to make sure that he/she is academically ready and not left behind.

The PSYCHOSOCIAL SUPPORT PROGRAM caters to all old Divinian students who are not the intended participants of the first two programs. Recreation activities such as sports, arts, reflection and team-building activities are designed to help Divinians in addressing their concerns in the social learning and mental health aspects of their personhood.

Visit the Enrollment Area and look for Mrs. Janine Palon for registration.

Long live Divinian education! Cheers to the maroon and white!

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