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DPC Basic Ed. Local School Press Conference

Congratulations to the winners of the recently held Local School Press Conference (LSPC) among DPC Basic Education journalists! The Top 3 winners in each category will represent the school and compete in the upcoming Division Schools Press Conference.


News Writing (English) 1st Place – Janrei DC. De Leon 2nd Place – Jaylan Miguel M. Eugenio 3rd Place – Jiliana Leigh A. Jacinto

News Writing (Filipino) 1st Place – Bren Timothy Y. Baylon

Sports Writing (Filipino) 1st Place – Daztin P. Abando 2nd Place – Elissha Roux M. Matias 3rd Place – Nikko Gabriel G. Velayo

Editorial Writing (English) 1st Place – Ma. Cassandra Martin 2nd Place – Hannah Gabrielle S. Davila 3rd Place – Andrea Dominique Santoyo

Editorial Writing (Filipino) 1st Place – Beatriz Ann V. Leonardo 2nd Place – Sam M. Mondala 3rd Place – Reane Jessica M. Quintela

Editorial Cartooning (English) 1st Place – Joanna Paula Therese Pedimonte 2nd Place – Macy Laureen P. Ramirez 3rd Place – Edriene DG. Tiburcio


News Writing (English) 1st Place – Lance Joseph DR. Carlos 2nd Place – Lara Louise Anne R. De Guzman 3rd Place – Juvy Mae S. Mallare

News Writing (Filipino) 1st Place – David Kyle S. Davila 2nd Place – Regine I. Dela Cruz 3rd Place – Crissalyn DP. Santos

Feature Writing (English) 1st Place – Vhenuzel Guineve G. Canlas 2nd Place – Janela Kristel A. Hernandez 3rd Place – Fidelisse Anselm DC. Ondrade

Feature Writing (Filipino) 1st Place – Fabrine Maranella 2nd Place – Albert Denniel A. Tangonan

Sports Writing (Filipino) 1st Place – Mariel Macalinao 2nd Place – John Benedict A. Casipit 3rd Place – Rigel Kent A. Abaigar

Editorial Writing (English) 1st Place – Adrian Gabriel A. Yuzon 2nd Place – Will Grace Sardido 3rd Place – Elaine Gabrielle Villamayor

Editorial Writing (Filipino) 1st Place – Lovely Aquino 2nd Place – Jenny M. Marzo 3rd Place – Liway M. Asuncion

Photojournalism (English) 1st Place – Aena Mikyla A. Fernando 2nd Place – Aliah Chowdury J. Binuya 3rd Place – Frank Andrei DC. Ondrade

Photojournalism (Filipino) 1st Place – Marielle Latifah S. Garcia 2nd Place – Mark Lloyd G. Oanes 3rd Place – Aeron A. Flores

Copy Reading and Headline Writing (English) 1st Place – Louise Geronimo 2nd Place – Jessica M. Dolatre 3rd Place – Jaz Pathriel M. Salonga

Copy Reading and Headline Writing (Filipino) 1st Place – Princess Allyza L. Butac 2nd Place – Andrea Lexine M. Novelles

Editorial Cartooning (English) 1st Place – Maria Luisa G. Velayo 2nd Place – Andrey Louise S. Mañago 3rd Place – Audrey D. De Jesus

Editorial Cartooning (Filipino) 1st Place – Denmark S. Garcia 2nd Place – Celaine Jay B. Hilario 3rd Place – Prince Arthur P. Cabunilas

Science and Technology Writing (English) 1st Place – Giannah Ley R. Delos Santos 2nd Place – Jan Nielsen N. Catacutan 3rd Place – Vynnz Harvey D. Gabriel

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