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Celebrating 66 Years of Excellence A Journey of Faith, Wisdom and Service

Happy 66th, Divinians!

A year after the significant celebration of 65 years, we shall continue with reminiscing the Divinian legacy and celebrating what is in store for all of us: a future full of hope, trust in the Lord, and achievements for all alumni and stakeholders.

The lineup of activities of our celebration provides the different sectors of the school community with opportunities to showcase their talents, gifts, and thanksgiving. Deepening faith in God is a priority, together with serving the partner communities in the spirit of wisdom and loving service. These activities also aim to foster positive relationships between and among students, personnel, parents, alumni, and partners—who all give life to the school's mantra, transforming lives for God and society.

Cheers to 66 years!

Cheers to excellence in all forms!

Cheers to the maroon and white!

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